Interno palazzo ducale di venezia


The Doge's Palace Tour - The Secret Itineraries

The Doge's Palace SECRET ITINERARIES tour includes the visit of the old rooms where the Serenissima government carried out all important and secret issues related to the administration of the State over the centuries: the tour offers a suggestive description of the political history of the city, Venice organization and justice institutions.

Doge's Palace Secret Itineraries Tour information

The reservation is mandatory for this tour. Visitors are accompanied by a professional guide during the visit. The tour is run for a minum of 2 participants, maximum 25. The tour is run every day.

The tour is run in English language at 9:55 am, 10:45 am and 11:35 am.

The tour lasts around 1 hour and 15 minutes. After the guided visit, visitors will be able to continue their tour along the standard  itineariry inside teh Doge's Palace without guide service.
The Secret Itinearies tour is not suitable for disabled people.

As places are very few and the tour is very popular, please consider your reservation a booking request only. The on-line availability does not mean that your reservation is confirmed once your order is submitted. Our reservation office staff will confirm you the tour sending the voucher by email if availability is confirmed; otherwise our staff will contact you suggesting some alternative dates or starting times. If no alternative matches with your plans, no charge on your credit card will be processed. 

If possible, please point out all suitable alternatives you have for this tour in the field "note" of the reservation form.
CANCELLATIONS: for this tour no refunds for cancellation requests are admitted
The Secret Itinerary Tour at the Doge's Palace and the Clock Tower Tour, once booked cannot be modified for any reason and cannot be cancelled under any circustance. Please pay therefore maximum attention when submitting the reservation order. Date, time and number of tickets cannot be changed.
PLEASE NOTE: children under 6 yeras of age are not admitted to this tour for safety reasons.


How to choose the correct ticket for Doge's Palace Secret Itineraries

Half price ticket: people over 65 years old, students with student card from 15 to 25 years of age, children under 14 years old.

Children under 6 years old are not admitted for safety reasons.

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Availability for this tour is very poor. Please consider your order only a reservation request and wait for the confirmation voucher to be sure that your booking is confirmed.


Call our staff for assistance, Monday-Friday, 10,00 am - 5,00 pm.

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