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Most of the treasures of Venice are around Piazza San Marco, centre of the city. In fact around Piazza San Marco the visitor finds the marvellous clock tower, the old procuracies, one facing the other, the Correr Museum, Saint Mark’s Basilica and Palazzo Ducale, that signs the beginning of Riva degli Schiavoni.


Palazzo Ducale in Venice is surely the monument on which guides and tourist pauses more, as its elegant beauty cannot pass unnoticed. In this palace many artists worked, artists that lived in Venice and are now extremely famous, as Jacopo Tintoretto and his son Domenico. These two artists worked at the painting The Paradise, which covers an entire wall of a hall, used by the council of the republic to gather and discuss about the city and its law. Jacopo and Domenico Tintoretto at first painted different section of the huge painting on different canvas, which assembled together on the wall so that the final painting could seem as one. This work is one of the most beautiful of Palazzo Ducale in Venice.


This painting is not just beautiful but thanks to its dimensions, (it is high 7 meters and large 22 meters) is it the bigger painting in the world. The first idea of the painting wanted Mary at the centre of the painting, at the top of it, where the sight of the spectators ends its journey. However, the initial idea of putting Mary at the top was substituted by Christ as a Divine Doge. Reserve a ticket for Palazzo Ducale in Venice, and take a time to appreciate this painting in all the details that Jacopo Tintoretto and his son did. The father mainly worked at the paintings, while the young Domenico helped in technical things as jointing the canvas together and hanging them at the wall. The work of these two artists is waiting for you, book a ticket for Palazzo Ducale Venice. Book Palazzo Ducale Tickets.


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