Bridges and canals of Venice

The first image of Venice that you probably have in mind is a precious picture of the bridges and canals of Venice. This is in fact the main peculiarity that attracts every day millions of visitors. The sight of buildings that seem gently leaned on the water is a unique panorama that you won’t find in other places.

Bridges and canals of Venice by gondola

About bridges and canals of Venice one of the first choices you will have to do in fact, once off the train, is to go though the centre walking or by canals. The Vaporetto link the main areas of the centre, and it is a common way of transport also for Venetian people, but for a more peculiar journey through the magical centre of this city we definitely suggest you the Gondola tour. With the Gondola tour you will pass by bigger and smaller canals, and see the city from an unusual point of view, a point of view that will permit you to see the façade of many buildings that you cannot see from the streets. The tour among bridges and canals of Venice is also enriched by a beautiful serenade.

Bridges and canals of Venice with Italy Travels

Talking to bridges and canals of Venice we have to say that the term “Canale” is in fact used in Venice to refer to a navigable stream of water, regulated by signals as in normal streets. The canals are of course crossed by numerous bridges, which differ from sizes and shape, from the littlest bridge to Rialto Bridge, the wonderful bridge with the unique shape that reminds an arch, and made of white stone. The first structure of Rialto bridge was made of wood and it had a internal movement that permitted the passage of the higher boats.  The structure was useful but fragile, and this was the cause of a collapsed in the 16th century. At the end of the same century Andrea da Ponte projected the elegant structure of the Rialto Bridge, which is the same we see today, among bridges and canals in Venice. Book a guided walking tour of Venice.


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