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Thanks to the urban peculiarities and the artistic heritage, Venice has no equals in the world. There is no other city in the world where there are no streets but canals and no cars but boat. Take a walk through its little street and through the bridges and you will have the sensation of visiting a place belonging of another time. These are the major sightseeing in Venice.


With our tour operator you will have several options relating to the numerous sightseeing of Venice. We surely suggest you to reach Piazza San Marco, heart of the city. Here you will walk under the clock tower, which indicates not just the time but also the seasons and the lunar cycles. After the clock tower the tourist can visit the Correr Museum, important for the paintings that contains, like the works of Canaletto. Facing the Correr Museum, at the opposite part of the square you see Saint Mark’s Square, probably the most famous of Venice Sightseeing. Entire books could be filled just with the description of the rich façade of this church.


The architecture and interiors of this Basilica, which is also called the golden basilica, for the colour of the domes, is fully explained in one of our guided tours, run by expert guides. Next to the Basilica the eye goes to the Doge’s Palace, one of the sightseeing of Venice. This was the residence of the Doge, the highest political role in Venice. Parts of the Doge’s palace had also the function of prisons, which saw very famous prisoners among its cells, like Giacomo Casanova, which succeeded to escape from the prison by the roof of Palazzo Ducale. You can visit Venice sightseeing with tickets, or with guided tours. In both cases you will avoid the line at the entrances of the museums. 


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