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Venice is not just the city and its canals but it is also the island of its lagoon, each one with each character and peculiarities. One of the most famous is surely Murano island in Venice. Murano island is well-known for the artisanal production of glass, the coloured glass which fill the shops of the island and of the whole Venice.

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To visit Murano island in Venice you can book a boat tour starting from Venice. In Murano you will have the time to visit the city centre with its typical little shops. It is strongly advisable to visit the factories where the glass is made by expert workers that will surprise you for the ability related to the manual skills they have in such work. The story of the craftsmanship of glass in Murano dates back to the 13th century, when the government of Venice decided that the craftsmanship of glass had to be moved from the main city to Murano island, Venice. In Venice this work caused problems related to the oven, which caused many fires in the city, which was constructed mainly with wood.

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Concentrating this work on the island was not a casual decision: for the central government it meant to control it in a better way, as this type of work was very important for the government of Venice that gained celebrity and commerce thanks of the glass of Murano island, Venice. The central government was so jealous of this work that the experts of the work could not leave the island without permission. The experts of glass were the only ones among the not noble people who could marry the daughters of the richest families of the city. Visit Murano island in Venice, this is one of the most interesting island not only in the territory of the Venetian region but of the whole Italy.


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