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Torcello island in Venice is an island placed in the northern part of the lagoon. The island has a long story, as it was inhabited since the Roman Imperium, which always saw in the islands interesting places related to their position and commerce. Torcello was not an exception, as it was an important place in the commerce of Venice in the Adriatic sea.

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Torcello island in Venice is one of the islands of the lagoon, together with Burano and Murano. Torcello is very interesting for its antiquities that here have been discovered, like the rests of a Roman establishment that in 1960 was taken to light. From that time until today there has been always life on the island apart from the 14th century, when the island was desert and without of population because of plague and poverty. From that period on the situation on the island came back to be positive of course, and today the little island is inhabited by almost twenty people. The peculiar life of Torcello island in Venice does worth a visit.

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You can visit Torcello island in Venice with our boat tour starting from Venice. The pleasant trip by boat will stop in Torcello, where you will have the time to visit the centre of the city and the many churches as the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, which dates back to Medieval times. This period influenced of course the ornaments, like the byzantine mosaic representing the Last Judgement. Another curios sightseeing is the Bridge of the Devil, a little bridge with no parapets. Important because this was the form in which all the bridges of Venice were projected, before being changed in the many shapes in which we see them today. Do not miss this little treasure, visit Torcello island in Venice.
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