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Venice is a little pearl rich of stories, legends and history to tell. Venice was the centre of the Republic of Venice, where the highest position in the governed territory was the Doge. Venice was also the hometown of very talented artists, which left as an inheritance their works of art in the city. Due to the richness of the legends and history tied to this city, one of the best way to know this city is with Venice guided tours.

Venice guided tours with Italy Travels

We have a wide choice of Venice guided tours, reflecting the many sightseeing that Venice offers. We definitely suggest you the Doge’s palace guided tours, a tour that will lead you into the domicile of the most important person in Venice, the Doge. This palace is interesting also for the function of prison that it had in history: a prison that saw among the jailer also famous people like Giacomo Casanova. If accompanied by a nice weather you also cannot miss to see the city centre and the typical urban system of little streets, named Calle, and the canals. In this case we suggest you the Absolute Venice guided tours, with which you will discover the most important places of Venice.

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In case you will consider yourself satisfied with Venice, you can always discover the beautiful surroundings of the city. In the lagoon there are some small island, each one has a peculiarity that distinguishes one island from the other. Our Venice guided tour of the island will lead you by boat to three of these island: Murano, Burano and Torcello. Murano is world famous for the artisanal glass production, while Burano is a quiet fisherman’s island and in Torcello you will find interesting antiquities also of medieval times. This is only an example of the many Venice guided tours that you can reserve on our web site, each one is a part of Venice to discover. 


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