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As the other island of the region, also Burano Island has roman origin. Tradition wants it to have roman origin, from the near city of Altino, a roman centre in the territory of Venice. Burano is divided in five quarters as Venice. All these quarters are divided by canals. Visit Burano island and discover the little canals of Burano.

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Burano Island is today an island of fisherman, living with the fishing life of the venetian lagoon. Visit Burano island and you will remain stunned by the vivid colours of the houses. The tradition want in fact that the houses are colours because they are better recognisable for the fisherman that came back home after fishing, often among the natural fog of the canals of the lagoon. There are a lot of curiosities and legends related to this island. Another one is related to the production of laces. The legend wants that a fisherman, coming back home after having resisted to the fascinating chant of the mermaid, received from the queen of the sea a crown of sea foam, as a present. The female population of the island wanted to reproduce this beautiful present and began to sew laces. Visit Burano island to see this beautiful products.

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One of the best possibilities you have to visit Burano island is the boat tour. The boat tour will touch also other islands as Murano, famous for the glass production and Torcello, full of roman and Christian antiquities. With the boat tour you will have the time to visit the little town and the main square, Piazza Galuppi, which was built by the covering of a canal and it is the only one of the town. Burano is more populated than the other islands, in fact its population grew constantly from 19th century until today. Visit Burano island and discover this little treasure that the venetian lagoon guard with so much care. Book the tour of the islands.


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