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Venice Museums are often related to the life and willing on important and rich people that took part of the history of the Republic of Venice. This is also the case of Correr Museum Venice, which was constructed thanks to the donations of Teodoro Correr, coming from a noble Venetian family.

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The building of the Correr Museum in Venice was constructed in the first half of the 19th century, the collection takes place in wide spaces called Procuratie: spaces intended to be aimed at ceremonies behind the willing of Napoleon. The Correr museum Venice counts several rooms, many of them with neoclassical decoration or frescos. In the Correr Museum Venice you will find sculptures by Canova, like Dedalus and Icarus, which he painted when he was young. The sculptural group is interesting for the symmetry that Canova created: the two figures are one next to the other, in symmetrical position. The whole sculptural group conveys a perfect equilibrium and balance, like many of the statues of this talented sculptor.

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In the ballroom of Correr Museum in Venice the visitor will find the sculptural group of Orpheus and Eurydice, always by Antonio Canova. The sculptural group refers to the myth of the Orpheus that loses forever his beloved, that has to go back again to the underworld. To emphasize this loss Canova divided the sculptural group into two statues: Orpheus precedes his beloved and turns back to see her, reason that caused the maid to go back to the underworld. The facial expressions of the two statues are strongly underlined and they will surprise you for their naturalness. Note also the hand that comes out from the cloud behind Eurydice and hold her from running away. Seeing this statue in Venice has a peculiar meaning as Canova did this work just in this city. Visit the Correr museum Venice and enjoy this wonderful sight. Book tickets now!


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