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A Doge’s Palace reservation will permit you to see this palace that was established in the 14th century. The Doge’s Palace always had a central part in the life of Venice: here the Doge took the most important decision regarding the life of the city. A visit of Venice cannot exclude this beautiful monument.


With the Doge’s Palace reservation you will see the many works of art that the Palace contains. After the downfall of the Republic of Venice, Napoleon took control of the city and of its treasures. Many of the works of art of the Doge’s Palace were brought to France.  However, many of them are still in the palace, all related to the 16th century. The paintings were made by famous artists such as Jacopo Tintoretto, Domenico Robusti and Paolo Veronese, artists that worked in the territory of the Republic of Venice and painted scenes with the background of their city, or religious canvas. With the Doge’s Palace reservation all this paintings will be there for the curiosity of the visitor.


One of the many subjects of the canvas of those three artists was the Doge itself, frequently portrayed in his elegant suits. In addition to the Doge, the artists painted also mythological figures related to the city of Venice, such as the panting of Juno offering gold and precious stones to Venice, painted by Paolo Veronese. In the imagery of the artists, Venice was such a beautiful and important city that it could easily be related to the histories and legends of mythical gods. With the Doge’s Palace reservation you will discover this amazing story, and by walking through the hall of the Palace you will feel part of it, and feel part of Venice. In alternative, you can book a guided tour of the Doge's Palace which includes no-line ticket.


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