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The Ca’ D’oro Museum is placed inside the Ca’ D’oro, an historical palace which is a symbol of the Venetian gothic style. When you see the palace and its façade, imagine that in ancient times the façade was not white as we see it today but made of different colours, and among them the gold had a lot of importance.

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One of the owners of the Ca’ D’oro Museum was Giorgio Franchetti, who lived in the second half of 19th century.  He loved art and intended to collect a lot of works of art inside this building. He succeeded in the willing and made the Ca d’Oro, which is also called Franchetti gallery in his honour, a space full of masterpieces. Before he died he gave the possession of the gallery to the State, so that million of tourists could see it everyday. This was in fact also one of his wishes. There are a lot of precious pearl inside this gallery, like the Saint Sebastian by Mantegna, one of the most dramatic works of this author and of the Ca’ d’Oro Museum.

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For the Saint Sebastian of Mantegna Franchetti ordered the construction of an apposite chapel with marble ornaments, inside the The Ca’ d’oro Museum, so as the moving beauty of this picture could stand out alone. This picture is unique because of the sufferings it shows in the expression of the face, so different from the solemnity of the classical pictures and statues. The body is tied by the arms, which are tied behind the back, and force the Saint in a position of suffering. The painting is really touching and just for this work one should visit the Ca’ D’oro Museum. Book it now on our site and jump the line at the entrance. 


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