Saint Mark Basilica Venice

Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice is the most famous basilica of this city. You won’t miss it for sure when entering into Saint Mark’s square in Venice, maybe passing under the Clock tower. This beautiful square will open to your eyes and embrace them. At your left the beautiful Basilica, with the elegant golden façade.  


If you wish to see Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice we strongly suggest you to book a tour for Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice in order to avoid the long queue of tourists at the entrance. The best way to visit it is with a guided tour that can explain you all the surprises that this monument contains. This basilica is all related to Saint Mark, the patron saint of Venice. The Basilica was constructed in 328 AD to host the remains of Saint Mark, whose body was translated to Venice from Alessandria in Egypt. Saint Mark is beloved to the people of Venice as it seem that he evangelized the people from this city. For one hundred year the Basilica depended directly from the Doge who used the Saint Mark’s basilica in Venice to elect representatives of the religion in the city. 


The whole architecture of Saint Mark’s basilica in Venice is influenced by byzantine art, from the ornaments to the façade to the gold mosaics. From the big domes in the back of the basilica to the interiors, the whole Basilica is a journey through the byzantine art. The link with this old territory is of course not casual, as Venice had a strong commerce with the territory that today we call Turkey. This territory was conquered by Venice in 1204, and after that Venice took a lot of precious marbles from the buildings of the byzantine capital. The marbles where of different colour and quality, the best was the red marble with which the podium of the Doge was constructed. Do not miss the red marbles of Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice.
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