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At the end of a walk towards Piazza San Marco, after the magnificent beauty of Saint Mark’s square, you will see the elegant façade of the Doge’s Palace of Venice. The clear colour of the marbles that decorates the façade stands out the usual fog of the lagoon as in a vision. Approach this wonderful palace and note the details of the columns and the symmetry of the spaces.


The Doge’s palace in Venice follows the Venetian gothic style, but it has also byzantine influences, as Venice in ancient times had a strong sea trade, that reached far lands. To visit this historic palace you can reserve a ticket that permits you an entrance without waiting in line, a guided tour in a group or a private tour with a professional guide. The Doge’s palace in Venice was the residence of the Doge, the supreme authority of the political life in Venice. The Doge has a panoramic on the lagoon, from one side of the Palace, and one on Piazzetta San Marco, attached to the bigger Piazza San Marco.


Inside the Doge’s Palace you will find the magnificent rooms of the Doge. The Doge’s Palace in Venice was also famous for being the prisons of the city, in which also famous people were imprisoned, like Casanova. The Doge’s Palace in fact does worth a visit also for the secret itineraries, which include the Bridge of Sights. According to the legend, this name is due to the passage of the imprisoned through the bridge, which saw the lagoon for the last time before being judged and sighed. By seeing the lagoon you will sigh too, as this unique city will wonder you in every moment. Do not wait and reserve a visit for this palace old of centuries. Reserve entrance tickets for the Doge's Palace in Venice!


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