Padua and a Romantic Cruise among Venetian Villas
The tour starts with the visit of the beautiful city of Padua located in the northeast of Italy. Full of historical churches and medieval monuments, it's famous for the mystical Basilica of St. Anthony. The tour then continues with the romantic cruise among Venetian villas of the Brenta Riviera.
Padua is the first stop on this tour. Here you will have the opportunity to visit the mystical Basilica of St. Anthony which contains relics, chalices, gifts, and documents relating to his life. The four-cloistered Basilica contains many precious adornments and decorations, and has an incredible aura of faith and votive mysticism – an extremely interesting place to visit. Here, along with thousands of pilgrims, you can inscribe your own prayer of intercession to St Anthony and place it on his tomb. There is time for a stroll into the historical centre of Padua where you can admire many medieval monuments.
Our arrival at Oriago at 11.45 gives us time for an optional lunch (light lunch €21, full lunch €27 on request) before commencing your romantic cruise among the Venetian villas of the Brenta Riviera. The programs offer navigation from Oriago to Venice (Oriago, Malcontenta, Fusina, Venice) plus a guided tour inside some of the Venetian Villas, the famous richly-frescoed summer dwellings of the Venetian aristocrats of the 1700’s.
Arrival in Venice at 6.15 pm


STARTING TIME: 9:00 am                    .
DURATION: about 9 hours
LANGUAGE: English.
AVAILABILITY: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. The tour runs from 1st April to the 18th of October.
PRICE: 160,00 euro pp
MEETING POINT: left hand side of Piazzale Roma, in front of the hotel Olimpia in the car park area.

CHILDREN: children 0-17 years pay 145,00 euro.

Included in price: High qualified English speaking drive. Lunch is optional.

Itinerary: St. Anthony's Basilica, St. Anthony's Tomb and his relics, St. Anthony’s Cloister, Padua and its historical center, Cruise on the Brenta Riviera including venetian villas and entrance fees.

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